Jay Leno Takes An Easy Approach To Trump


It is an all out hate fest in the United States right now. The liberals are looking for anything that Trump does and they will use it against him. That is the world we live in these days. They want to take him down for good. The liberals are a bunch of crybaby children that pout when they do not get their way. They are unwilling to give anyone a chance. And the mainstream media is not helping. The media is pushing their agenda harder than ever. We could see that based on ABC’s decision to cancel the only conservative TV show in “Last Man Standing.”

Late night show hosts have been particularly brutal. It seems like almost every day they are attacking and insulting the president for something he does. This is not a good way to do things as a country. He needs our respect. There are a few that are worse than others. We all know about Stephen Colbert’s insult. Then came Jimmy Kimmel.

Jimmy Fallon, however, has been a little kinder to the president, doing a light-hearted interview with him in 2016.

But more so than any was Jay Leno, who came out in defense of President Trump.

“We live in an era now where if you don’t take sides, both sides hate you,” he explains. “Bush was dumb, and Clinton was horny,” Leno went on. “When I was doing a monologue, I never questioned anybody’s patriotism, you questioned their judgment.”

“I am not a Trump fan at all, not in the slightest, not in the least,” said Leno. “But this constant pounding does have a tendency to anesthetize your feelings.”

“It should be called, ‘What Did Trump Do Now?’ That’s basically what everybody’s monologue is,” he goes on. “You almost wish for a normal day, just to have a joke.”

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