Jesse Watters Explains What Is Wrong With Liberals


Jesse Watters is continuing to destroy liberals every day. He has been attacked by liberals on a daily basis for his comments on Ivanka Trump. They will not give this up. He needs to be left alone to live his life. He has been a great supporter of President Trump from the get go and nothing has changed.

People enjoyed the way Watters stood up for President Trump on Twitter:

Watters went on to point out that the only reason Donald Trump is being attacked by the left is because he beat Hillary Clinton in the election. Hillary Clinton, for them, was a surefire bet to win the White House. All of the liberals in the country thought that it would be another eight years of Barack Obama, but they were wrong. Donald Trump came storming in and smashed their hopes and dreams.

Now, they do not want to move on. They will continue to attack the President no matter what he says or does. They act like children on a daily basis. President Trump deserves the respect of American citizens regardless of whether or not they agree with him.

Something needs to be done about the attacks against the Trump administration. At least we still have someone in the media like Jesse Waters to stick up for him.

Are you proud to see Watters stick up for the president?


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