Report Finds Medicare Fraud At Obama Official’s Firm


Liberals around the country love to think that Barack Obama is the end all be all of politics. They look at him as a god that can do no wrong. But he made many mistakes during his time in office. He has been proven time and time again that he committed criminal acts in order to better himself. Obama is a fraud and things are finally starting to look way, way down for him. American citizens starting to see what can of man he really was.

Everyone in his administration, from his staff, to his top advisers, all knew what they were getting into. He expected them all to help him cover up for his crimes. There have been numerous allegations against him ever since he left office. They are just now starting and we should have many more in the coming months.

Finally people are starting to talk. There is now an investigation into one of Obama’s former top officials firm. This investigation quickly led federal prosecutors to send multi-billion dollar charges against United Health Group. This is not the first time something like this has happened. Something needs to be done about this rampant fraud that takes place under Obama holdovers.

This is what we can expect to see until we get rid of all Obama appointees. President Trump is trying to drain the swam, but it is more complicated than just firing them all. He needs to find replacements for everyone that he gets rid of.

United Health Group was reported to have gotten over $3 billion in payments that we questionable at best. Something very interesting was going on here, and finally we are seeing them pay the consequences for their actions.

Anyone would be a step up from these people.  They need to go


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